The Space Store

The Space is the new generation concept store and a creative space. The Space is designed by the features of the new age technology and retail experiment. The store will offer a unique experience for all of our community, all the time. For that reason, it is a dynamic, changeable and a developing place. There are three floors. The entrance of the store is the wall for hype sneakers and latest collaborations. Latest releases of Freedom of Space and carefully chosen lifestyle products will be available in this floor.

The upper floor is the playground. It is the mix of contemporary brands together with the library where there are fanzines, magazines and books, all carefully selected. The basement is the gallery space that is used as an experimental area. Rapidly changing, the place is one day a 3D Visual room the other day is a mirrored experience room.

By creating this store, we are not only believe in our experiences but also we believe in the power of our neighbourhood where we live for more than seven years. Together with our community, we are planning to create projects that will reflect our ideas.

The Space is also home for Freedom of Space. The streetwear brand we established three years ago has a young following community. We designed merch items especially for The Space.

Hüsrev Gerede Caddesi No:78 Teşvikiye Istanbul

From 10 am to 8 pm